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So a few Months later, I have to use V-Control for some specials in the E2 and had to modifie the driver again 😉

BUT the current Version in V-Control is 1.2, so i started to code some extra parts and then i found out, that I have to copy all old commands from the last updates….

SO please @ Dierk, add the newest Version intro the next release please 😉

New in the Driver:

ARM Mode ON / OFF to activate or deactivate Moving PIPS
ADD/DELETE KEYFRAME (don’t work so well, because you have to add a Position and it is not included in the command)
TRANS CURVE to set the Transition curve for the Movement

I hope I did not an mistake at the copying. @ Dierk a litte feature request, it would be realy nice, if I could copy a whole command (Script + P1-P4) from one driver to another 😉