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Hi Jens,

I am not sure if I understand “Set the TCP-Services on”
Do you mean Remote services?
In general, in a Linux system, all applications using a TCP port equal or lower 1024 need to run with root privileges. This is standard Linux behavior. If possible you should always use ports above 1024.

“Now i tried connecting to an Aten0404ha HDMI Switcher via an exsys6032 device server.
I created a new device, assigned a new Channel to the IP and Port of the Com1,”

There is no “Com1” on a Linux system. Usually RS232 Ports are at /dev/tty0 or /dev/ttyUSB or similar, depending on your RS232 interface. In cas of the exsys6032 there is no comport at all. There is a virtual device driver for windows. With this driver you can use it in the same way as a local RS232 Port. But for all other operating systems you have to open a TCP conection and use it as a Telnet client.

Because EXSYS does not support Linux, you have to use the windows tools to configure the device (IP Address, Port, RS232 settings), and then connect from V-Control via TCP.

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