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Hi Dierk,

from the Biamp – Website:

Tesira implements a Telnet server on port 23. When the request from the control system to open a session is received, the Tesira Telnet server attempts to negotiate the session’s options, following specifications described in the Telnet standard document RFC 854 as well as document RFC 855, Telnet Option Specifications.

A standard Telnet client would be able to negotiate the session options without problem, but several third-party controllers do not implement a Telnet client by default. Instead, they implement control over TCP/IP using what’s commonly known as a ‘RAW’ connection. If the Control System does not respond to the Telnet session options negotiations, the session will not go ahead. As such, the control system will have to be programmed to negotiate the Telnet options with Tesira’s Telnet server. Many of the available options can be useful during a control session and indeed a programmer may choose to enable some of them, but if the desire is to continue using a ‘RAW’ connection, the simplest way to initiate a control session is for the control system to respond with a rejection to any option negotiation request from the server.

So, what we normaly do is a RAW – Socket, but this Devie need to have a REAL Telnet session. That means there are some handshakes to do.
have a look at Tesira-Website

I found some Telenet components to write a proxy, but they are around 300,- EURO. Right now I found a C# – Example for free ….

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