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Hi there, sorry i can’t edit my first post, so here is the next update:

This Driver Version (v1.4) is tested on E2 Revision 3.1

I have tested some functions and there where some bugs inside the driver, which i have fixed so far. The buggy functions are all functions, which includes more then one scriptresult=, so I moddified them back to a single ScriptResult and now TestPattern and PIP Size and Pos is working.

I have added a positioner for X + Y in another command.

New in this Driver: – DualLayer command
Now you can activate a scaler on program. This is not possible with the E2 Event Master. In the Event Master you can only clear on PGM and PRV, but you can only bring the scaler back to PRV. It is much easyer, if you have an exclusive overlay keyer, which you can aktivate and deaktivate on programm without using a preset for this (you can write it directly into a task).
I called it DualLayer because you can put the Layer on PGM or PRV!

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