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Now it compiles (only in version 3.7.17 NOT in the previous versions we still use for shows: 3.5.6 and 3.6.2)

But something still has to be wrong with the DMXVal variable, as the gDMX stays empty. When I write something like sResult = SetGlobalVar("gDMX", "18") it gets filled. When I switch back its getting emptied again. Also the Messages in the ACK-Window are strange:

DMX Box_16,”OnDMX”,”DMX”,”1:94*N1:104*N1:114*N:”
DMX Box_16,”OnDMX”,”DMX”,”1:101*N1:93*N1:84*N1:”
DMX Box_16,”OnDMX”,”DMX”,”1:237*N1:246*N1:255*:”

They are not outputted with every fader movement but only sometimes. I think this might be the reason. I think the Cinetix Driver might have changed since version 3.5.6 because there I get a clear output in the ACK-Window telling me the channel and value of the fader with each movement.

Also I recognized that in Version 3.5.6 it is no problem to receive a DMX-Command and e.g. trigger our playlist with it. When try to do this in a higher version, the trigger (i.e. a cuelist containing the OSC-Command to play) is fired as often, as there are events with the same Device:

For example:
I have three OnDMX events: ShutterOn, ShutterOff, PlaylistPlay

If V-Control 3.6.2 or 3.7.17 recieves the OnDMX-Event, that triggers the cuelist PlaylistPlay it sends out the command three times and my playlist jumps 3 rows.

In version 3.5.6 the event is also 3 times “recognized”, which I can see in the ACK window but the cuelist is only fired one time, which I would expect.