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Hi Dierk,

I took the generic I/O, added a “WebRequest”-CMD.
Then I added a Channel as TCP-Client to localhost on Port 80.
I set up a little php-Script, which just drop each test-Value to the db.

This is my Script:
ScriptResult = “GET /” + P1 + “?” + P2 + “=” + P3 + ” HTTP/1.0 ” + chr(13)

I get an ACK with:
“GenericDevice_7″,”WebRequest”,”WebConnect”,”GET /drive-neu/php/v-control-test.php?test=Value2 HTTP/1.0

But I even do not get a Log entry in the Webserver.
I think I miss some syntax knowledge in the script?
Looks like there is nothing send at all?

btw: If i put the url in the Browser, the php does its job…