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Dierk Walter

You have to create a TCP Channel with the IP Address of the Webserver and the Port (80 is the default port for Webservers, but it might be any other port as well, depends on the server)

It is NOT POSSIBLE to use a parameter for the Server Address.

Then, in your Driver, you can use P1 / P2 as parameters.

Because V-Control does not handle HTTP Sockets yet, every time you send a command to the Server the sever closes the http connection, which leads to a closed socket. For that reason, only the first command you send is successful, the second command leads to a “Server not available” message. But V-Control reopens the connection in that case so the third command is successful again. The fifth fail again and so on.

To resolve this, you can send two commands with a small delay. The easiest way is to send each command twice. It is possible to do that in the driver itself.

To create a new driver choose an existing one that matches your device most. Then edit it in a new project. If you’re satisfied you can export it and import it to the database.

If you give me the IP Address and the Port of your webserver and a comand list I can create a demo project for you.