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Timestrips are a kind of Timeline. The main difference is, that a Timestrip is vertical arranged.For us, this seems to be more practical for programming. It is possible to run more than one Timestrip at a time.

Timestrips are controlled by external timecode. (If no external timecode is available, the internal timecode can be used). To tell the system were to get the timecode from, a Timecode Source device has to be configured. Usually, this is a timecode reader such as Alpermann+Velte TC 60.

Timestrips can use Chase Devices. That are devices that are automatically locket to the external timecode.

To add a cue to a Timestrip, click Add Position to create a new row in the Timestrip.

Timestrip user interface

  1. Timestrip list: lists all avalable Timestrips.
  2. Timestrip view: This is the visual representation of the Timestrip. The first column hold the timecode for a cue. A cue can consist of up to 48 tracks, each track representing an individual command. A track is not linked to a device, so having commands from different devices within one track is OK. To edit a timecode double click on it. To edit a cue, double click on the cues row and column.
  3. Add Track adds one more track to the timestrip.
  4. Remove Track removes the last track.
  5. The Position field changes the current position in the Timestrip. By entering a value here and pressing the Enter / Return key, all Chase Devices will locate to this position. The timecode entered in the Position field is also used for the Add Position button (see 7. Add Position).
  6. These buttons change the Position value.
  7. The Add Position button creates a new row in the Timestrip table. The content of the Position field is used as new timecode value.
  8. Absolute Offset moves the Timestrip to another position. If, for example, an absolute offset of one hour is stet, all the timecode values are changing and one hour is added to them.
  9. Relative Offset leaves the timecode in the table unchanged. It means that firing a cue is delayed (if offset is positive) or ahead (if offset is negative)
  10. The Chase Mode area determines the Chase Devices and Timecode Master source
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