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Tasks contain the instructions for the attached devices and the program flow. V-Control knows three types of tasks, Cuelists, Scripts and Timestrips. Cuelists are very easy to use and people with no (Basic) programming skills should start with them. Scripts contain (native compiled) Basic scripts, which makes them very powerful for all kind of applications. Timestrips are a kind of timeline and can be useful in Show Control.

Multitasking and blocked Devices or Channels

V-Control can run many tasks at the same time (up to 96). If multiple tasks running together, the programmer has to take care that not more then one task at a time is using the same resource. A resource in this a channel or a device.

If one task is accessing a device and / or channel, and another task wants to access the same device at the same time, the first task wins, the second one gets a Device blocked or Channel blocked acknowledge.

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