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The instruction RunCmd offers access to the configured device drivers and channels. All parameters need to be delivered as string.


  • DeviceName: The device name e.g. “DVS”
  • ChannelList: The channels that send the command e.g. “dvs1,dvs2,dvs3”
  • CommandName: The command name e.g. “CueUp”
  • DP1: first device parameter
  • DP2: second device parameter
  • P1: first command parameter e.g. “10-00-00-00”
  • P2: second command parameter
  • P3: third command parameter
  • P4: fourth command parameter

I is not allowed to skip a parameter. If a parameter is not used, an empty string “” is used instead. The following example describes the RunCmd instruction using a command for a DMX interface:

Using RunCmd in Scripts offers a flexible way to modify these commands. The example below fades the DMX channels 1 to 512 to 50% with a fade time of 1.5 seconds in a two second interval.

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