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Quick access to frequently used functions

1. Open Project (Strg + o)

  • Open V-Control projects

2. Save Project (Strg + s)

  • Save V-Control projects

3. Save Project as

  • Save V-Control projects with new name

4. Run Task (F5)

  • The selected task (Cuelist or Script) is launched

5. Stop Task (F6)

  • The selected task (Cuelist or Script) is stoped

6. Stop All Tasks (F7)

  • Stop all running tasks

7. Configure Channels

  • Configure the channels used by the actual project

8. Configure Devices

  • Configure the devices used by the actual project

9. Edit Devices

  • Modify the device driver used by the actual project. Note: Driver modifications affect only the drivers in the current project, the device driver templates are not touched.

10. Add Task (Strg + a)

  • Create a new task. Depending on the current view (Cuelist or Script) a Script or Cuelist task is created.

11. Play List

  • Show the Play List
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