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TCP/UDP/RS232 Examples

To launch a task (Script or Cuelist) the scrRunTask comand is used. In the example below the name of the task we want to launch is “ExampleTask”.

in Basic

Dim CMD As String

CMD = Chr(4)+"0"+Chr(5)+"scrRunTask"+Chr(5)+"ExampleTask"+Chr(6)

in Delphi / Pascal


cmd: string;

cmd := Chr(4)+'0'+Chr(5)+'scrRunTask'+Chr(5)+'ExampleTask'+Chr(6);

As result, the node send an acknowledge message.


HTTP Examples

To launch a task (Script or Cuelist) via web browser, a link to the /cgi-bin/ directory attached by the command is made. The html file must be copied in the Webservers Document directory. It is then available at http://NodeAddress/Filename.htm. The complete example file is listed below.

<a href="/cgi-bin/scrRunTask%05wait1" name="ExampleTask" target="anyFrame"><h1>Wailt1</h1></a>
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