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An event in V-Control works as a trigger. If the event occurs, a defined task is executed as event handler.

Device Events

Device Events allow V-Control to respond on external events triggert by a connected device. If, for example, a temperature sensor send a message that a limit is reached, or a motion sensor detects a person and notify this, V-Control can launch a task and react on this event.

Calendar Events

The integrated calendar allows V-Control to launch tasks at a specified Time / Day. Recurring weekly or daily events are also possible. E.g. start a task every workday at 09:00 AM and stop it at 06:00 PM, and on weekends start at 10:00 AM and stop at 7:00 PM.

Timer Events

Some devices are not able to fire an event. E.g. some temperature sensors do not have the ability to send a message if a limit is reached, they can only transmit the current temperature on request. In this case, a Timer event is useful. The timer event is used to launch a task e.g. every 5 minutes. Then the task can check the limit and react on it.

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