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Events / Remote

Many (but not all) devices can create events. An event occurs if V-Control receives a string from a channel without sending a command before. This example explains how to use events to control V-Control from another application. To follow this example a RS232 channel and the Generic Device from the I/O category is needed ( see Configure Channels and Configure Devices). If configured, call the Device Editor via main menu Configure → Edit Devices… and select the OnData event.

As you can see, the value of TabID is Events. This causes the command to be listed in the event list. The Parameter 1 (“In Data = ”) determines the received string that causes the event. Ack in Hex is set to 0D (13) and determines the termination character of the received string.

01 IOResult = Left(IOResult,Len(IOResult)-1)
02 If IOResult = P1 Then
03   ACK = True
04   ScriptResult = IOResult
05 Else
06   ACK = False
07   ScriptResult = IOResult
08 End

Line 1 deletes the termination character, and line 2 checks if the received string is the same than the expected (P1). If this is the case, then ACK becomes true and the system knows that we have a valid event. If this event is linked to a task, then the task is executed (see Device Events).

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