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Device Editor

Device Drivers are very flexible, and for that reason they are also very complex. In fact, creating device drivers is the most complex part in V-Control.

All available device drivers are stored as a template in a database (Devices.rsd). Once they're added to a project, a copy is stored in the project file (*.vc3) too. The Device Editor is used to modify / create these drivers. To modify a driver in an existing project file, the Device Editor is launched via Configure → Edit Devices. Now only devices in the current project are available for editing. This means also that all changes to the device driver concern only the current project. The device database with the templates stays untouched. To edit the device templates, the device editor is launched via Configure → Edit Device Templates. In this case, the drivers in the current project stay untouched.

  1. Select a device driver for editing here
  2. The type is the name of a device, e.g. V8000 for a Pioneer V8000 DVD player
  3. The manufacturer of the Device, e.g. Pioneer
  4. Each driver is assigned to a category. In case of a DVD player this is the category “Player/Recorder”, a DMX interface is assigned to “I/O” and a projector to “Beamer”.
  5. This field is used to change the device name and is available only if the device editor is launched via Configure → Edit Devices….
  6. Here, the GUI for the device is selectable (in future). Today, only Standard GUI is available.
  7. Add a new driver category if needed.
  8. A new Device is created by pushing this button, based on the values in the fields 1 - 6.
  9. If some parameters changed, this button updates the device
  10. The current selected device is deleted. There is no undo for this operation.
  11. Via the Source tab, the drivers source code is visible. Helptext shows additional information about the driver and is editable here. A detailed description of the Commands tab starts in the Parameter chapter.
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