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Device Events

These events initiated by the external attached devices, e.g. a liquid level sensor reports a reached limit or a light barrier detects a break. The sensor send a message via the channel, and V-Control looks if there is an event handler. If an event handler (the event definition and an assigned task) is found, it is executed. To understand the events a device can fire, it is recommended to read the Helptext for the device.

Not all devices have the ability to fire an event. Additionally, the device driver need to know how to handle events.

The usage of events is simple and is explained in an example with a DMX box and a DVD Player. On a change of a DMX channel, V-Control plays a sequence from a DVD. How to setup the DMX box for firing events is described in the device Helptext.

At first we need a new Cuelist named “Clip1”. This Cuelist plays a part of the DVD.

The next step is to create the event. To do so, select the DMX device and then the Events tab. Select the channel and then the OnDMX event (see below):

Now there is a new entry in the Event list.

The next step is to assign the event handler task. In the context menu (click right) of the event list select Assign Task. In the task list select “Clip1”.

As far as the value of DMX channel 3 is between 10 and 20, the task Clip1 is launched.

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