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Device Editor

It is possible to customize (if needed) the device driver for the current project. A complete description how to create / edit device driver is found in the Device Editor chapter. In most cases it should be sufficient to change the device name. To do that, follow the instructions below.

The Device Editor is launched via symbol or the main menu Configure → Edit Devices…

To change the name from device “V7300/8000_2” to “DVD 2” the device has to be selected in the Drop Down Box Device:. The new title is then entered in the Name: field. Update Device saves the new name in the current project.

The device Editor knows two modes. If launched via Configure → Edit Devices or the icon, all changes made in any driver stored in the project (*.vc3 file). The original driver template stay untouched. If launched via Configure → Edit Device Templates, the templates were edited, and the project devices stay untouched. This is important to keep in mind if editing device drivers.

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