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Create Cuelists

To Create a Cuelist, select Cuelists in the Task area.

Then select Tasks → Add in main menu or via Cuelist context menu (right click) select Add Task. Alternatively the Icon does the same job.

Each task needs a unique name that is entered in the dialog box as shown above. Then we have a new (Cuelist) task that is selectable and ready to take the instructions. The example below shows how to add a CueUp command for four DVD Players.

The next command is a Play instruction. Assuming that the four DVD Player should stop at a given position, a WaitForFramecode command is added, followed by a Still Command. The complete Cuelist now looks like this:

The Icon ( or F5 ) launches the selected task. Alternatively, the task can launch via Cuelists context menu (right click) Run Task .

Edit a Cue

To edit a Cue, double click on it. If the Cue contains a control command for a device, the “Add Cmd” button changes to “Update”. You can now modify the command and press the “Update” button“

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