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Compiler Errors

Error Codes Compiler error numbers returned in errorNumber are shown below:

Error Number Description
1Syntax does not make sense.
2Type mismatch.
3Select Case does not support that type of expression.
4The compiler is not implemented (obsolete).
5The parser's internal stack has overflowed.
6Too many parameters for this function.
7Not enough parameters for this function call.
8Wrong number of parameters for this function call.
9Parameters are incompatible with this function.
10Assignment of an incompatible data type.
11Undefined identifier.
12Undefined operator.
13Logic operations require Boolean operands.
14Array bounds must be integers.
15Can't call a non-function.
16Can't get an element from something that isn't an array.
17Not enough subscripts for this array's dimensions.
18Too many subscripts for this array's dimensions.
19Can't assign an entire array.
20Can't use an entire array in an expression.
21Can't pass an expression as a ByRef parameter.
22Duplicate identifier.
23The backend code generator failed.
24Ambiguous call to overloaded method.
25Multiple inheritance is not allowed.
26Cannot create an instance of an interface.
27Cannot implement a class as though it were an interface.
28Cannot inherit from something that is not a class.
29This class does not fully implement the specified interface.
30Event handlers cannot live outside of a class.
31It is not legal to ignore the result of a function call.
32Can't use “Self” keyword outside of a class.
33Can't use “Me” keyword outside of a class.
34Can't return a value from a Sub.
35An exception object required here.
40Destructors can't have parameters.
41Can't use “Super” keyword outside of a class.
42Can't use “Super” keyword in a class that has no parent.
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