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 +==== GetJsonValue ==== 
 +Use this function to get the value of a json element.
 +  * JsonString , the string containing the json objects
 +  * JsonElement,​ the element from which the value is requested
 +Returns ​ an empty string if element is not found, otherwise the element'​s value
 +dim result as string
 +result = GetJsonValue(JsonString,​ JsonElement)
 +Below is a json result from an AJA FS HDR. This is the content of IOResult after sending a get Parameter command.
 +To get the value of the element "​name",​ write something like this:
 +dim res as string
 +res = GetJsonElement(IOResult,"​name"​)
 +The result will be eParamID_RegisterRecall
 ==== GetMinute ====    ​ ==== GetMinute ====    ​
 Result integer Result integer
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