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-====== Channel Editor ====== 
-Basis for the communication with attached devices are the channels. A channel gives access to a physically interface - e.g. a RS232 port or a UDP port. The device drivers use these channels to communicate with the devices attached to the channels. ​ 
-{{ :​channelsetup.png |}} 
-Via main menu //Configure - Channels// (or toolbar shortcut) the channel editor opens. Every channel is identified by its Channel Name. For that reason, not only interface parameters are needed to specify the channel, but also a unique channel name. The channel name should (but is not required) give a hint on how the channel is used. E.g. a channel used to control a Panasonic projector could have the name "​proj1_left",​ the channel for the second Projector is named "​proj2_right"​ and so on. We recommend to name the channels in lower case letters, and the Devices with a leading upper case letter. 
-Before creating a new channel, it is necessary to specify its kind in the Interface Type area and enter a channel name as described above. To edit a channel, select its name in the left list and change its parameters. Then click Update Channel. 
-===== Serial Channel ===== 
-Serial channels are used for RS232/422 and 485 interfaces. Get Serial List loads all previously scanned ports in the Port: list. If new serial ports attached to the system, Refresh executes a new port scan. On systems with many serial interfaces this could take a while. 
-{{ :​channelrs232.png |}} 
-===== TCP Channel ===== 
-To control devices via TCP, the Port and IP Address is needed 
-{{ :​channeltcp.png |}} 
-===== UDP Channel ===== 
-Router Hops determine how many routers the UDP packet is allowed to pass. 
-{{ :​channeludp.png |}}  
-===== SMTP Channel ===== 
-The SMTP channel specify'​s a mail server. This channel is used by the SMTPMailClient device to send emails. 
-{{ :​channelsmtp.png |}} 
-Server: The mail server (e.g. 
-From Adr.: The sender address ( 
-Username: Username to log in 
-Password: Mail server password 
-===== Http and Https Channel ===== 
-{{ :​channelshttp.png |}} 
-HTTP and HTTPS channels can automatically log in if username and password is saved in the channel properties. They both can do http Get and Post requests. 
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