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 ====== Change Log ====== ====== Change Log ======
 +=====Version 4.1.2 (APR-2019)=====
 +  * New Driver: QSC Q-Sys
 +  * New Driver: Elatec RFID Reader with Elatec TCP Converter
 +  * New: Context Menu for Device variable to copy a variable content
 +  * New: The Call Buttons now have the abilitie to fire on a Hotkey. The Call Button Window does not need to have the focus to fire on a Hotkey press, it can be minimized. This feature makes it very easy to integrate Elgato Stream Deck
 +  * New: For UDP, TCP, Http and Https Channels you can now select a network interface
 +  * New: Dark Mode for Main Window available
 +  * Fixed: Bug that sometimes the Windows Taskbar disappears
 +  * Fixed: Channel Status now shown corretly (Ch_Status)
 +  * Fixed: If a Channel could not be opened then the Channel was still present but not shown in the Channel List.
 +  * Fixed: Playlist Remote Command Fire Task is now working correct.
 +  * Update: Device Config Dialog changed, Channel Names are set automaticly now. Also Channelnames are hidden in Cuelists and Timelines now. To edit a Channel select the device in the Device Configuration Dialog
 +  * Update: Change default value of MaximumInBufferSize for Channels fromm 500 to 600. This is because Art-Net Messages are 530 Bytes long
 =====Version 4.1.1 (JAN-2019)===== =====Version 4.1.1 (JAN-2019)=====
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