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 ====== Change Log ====== ====== Change Log ======
 +=====Version 4.7 (SEPTEMBER-2018)=====
 +  * Added Search Field for Tasks
 +  * Search fields for Tasks and Events clears if ESC key is pressed
 +  * Global Variable List moved from Program Tab to its own area. This list is permanent visible now
 +  * New Task Model: Get rid of the old model with Threadpool Manager. Instead of having only one TaskType that is configured to be Cuelist, Script or Timeline, we now have an own class for every Task Type that shares the same lass interface This makes it easier to add new programming features in the future.
 +  * Cut Copy Paste from Cuelist Cues to Timeline Cues and vice versa
 +  * New Timeline design, Timeline works again
 +  * TDevice: If receiving data from channel, and there is no pending ACK and no Event routine, then the data is deleted
 +  * New Device Option: Fire On Unchanged Variable. Default is false which means a variable change event occurs only if the variable value is set AND the value is different from the old one. If this is checked (true) then the event is fired every time a variable is updated, even if the new value is the same then the old value
 +  * Bugfix: If Precompile all is selected, fake compile errors for scripts are gone now
 =====Version 4.6 (JUNE-2018)===== =====Version 4.6 (JUNE-2018)=====
   * Add new Device variable Sent (shows the last command string)   * Add new Device variable Sent (shows the last command string)
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