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Change Log

Version 3.7.18 (16-NOV-2016)

New Drivers

  • NEC Display (incl. HMon, VMon, Position)
  • Analog Way Pulse2(only Load Preset and Take)

New Features

  • New Script Function: CheckSumXOR
  • Stop All Timers and Tasks on Remote Command for Device manager, a new option for remote services

Version 3.7.17 (8-FEB-2016)

New Drivers

  • InFocus IN3118HD by Kilian Köppchen
  • Generic Modbus -RTU driver (RS485 or RS232 only, Read and write)
  • Oriental Motors Stepper Motor driver
  • Barco E2 XML driver by Jonas Stade
  • Ascender by Jonas Stade

New Script Commands

  • New Script Function: CRC16 Checksum calculation
  • New Script Function: FramecodeToTimecode(Frames, fps)


  • Delay function is precise now
  • TCP Remote Service send event messages now

Version 3.7.16 (18-FEB-2015)

New remote Command devGetChannelList(DeviceName)

New Date Script Commands

  • GetYear: Result integer
  • GetMonth: Result integer
  • GetDayOfMonth: Result integer
  • GetDayOfWeek: Result integer (Sunday=0, Monday = 1…)
  • GetHour: Result integer
  • GetMinute: Result integer
  • GetSeconds: Result integer

New Drivers

  • Christie Phoenix Node
  • Christie / Coolux Pandoras Box

Updated Drivers

  • The old VLC driver was removed. We have now two new VLC drivers, VLC for Linux and VLC for Windows.
  • Watchout (Driver supports Aux Timelines and Goto Timecode now)
  • There was a bug in the Encore driver (No Timeout specified). This bug could lead to a broken RS232 connection. Solved now


  • Device Events (DMX / MIDI)
  • A new event is checked for Unique Appearance now
  • More then one Event can now assiged to a task

Version 3.7.15 (24-JUN-2014)

  • New, improved driver for Barco Encore contributed by Jonas Stade
  • New Driver for Image Pro controlled via Network
  • New Driver for Barco PDS 902 by Jonas Stade
  • Updated Driver: DVS Pronto has two new commands PlayClip and PlayClipCountdown
  • Updated Driver: Microsoft Powerpoint Driver update to work with V-ControlRemotePC 1.4 and above

Version 3.7.14 (13-FEB-2014)

  • New: The integrated webserver supports websockets. We introduce websockets in our Blog here
  • New: Playlist fires Timestrips as well
  • New: Remote protocol for the playlist (Up / Down / Fire). With this feature in conjunction with a IO Box such as V-IO one can control the complete Playlist with three GPI contacts.
  • New: 45 CallButtons in addition to Playlist. A User can open a Call Button window and have up to 45 buttons, each of them can be assigned to a task. This is for people who prefer buttons to click instead of a list with available tasks such as the playlist. To access the CallButtons window select Playout→CallButtons from main menu.
  • Fix: Playlist and CallButton windows now remember the “Stop All before playing a new one” checkbox status (only until the program starts again)
  • Fix: Calendar could show wrong weekdays or crash
  • Fix: V-Control crash during termination if Webserver is active

Version 3.7.13 (20-SEP-2013)

  • Threads are not allowed to make GUI updates any more. Instead of making GUI updates, the thread statuses are written to a list (EngineEventList). A Timer reads this list and updates the GUI as instructed in this list. A new label “Engine Event Message Stack” under the Acknowledge list shows the number of waiting messages in the queue.
  • HexCalc window closes now on V-Control shutdown if the window was visible.
  • PromptMessage command removed
  • Timer Events can now be disabled or enabled by script or cuelist.
  • New Main Menu item “Events→ Disable All Timer Events”
  • New Main Menu item “Events→ Enable All Timer Events”
  • New Contextual Menu Item in Cuelists “Disable Timer Event”
  • New Contextual Menu Item in Cuelists “Enable Timer Event”
  • New Contextual Menu Item in Scipts “Disable Timer Event”
  • New Contextual Menu Item in Scipts “Enable Timer Event”

Version 3.7.12 (04-SEP-2013)

  • V-Control could crash if a device driver uses Masks in its GUI (i.e. a Timecode field). This is fixed now.

Version 3.7.11 (03-SEP-2013)

  • In some commands that contain binary values > 127 the UTF encoding convert theese bytes to an UTF char. This is solved in the device drivers by using chrB() instead of chr()
  • Driver update DVS: CueUp Command does not hang anymore if the desired position is not reachable.
  • Driver update Doremi: CueUp Command does not hang anymore if the desired position is not reachable
  • Driver update Bonsai Drive: CueUp Command does not hang anymore if the desired position is not reachable.
  • Driver update Turbo iDDR: CueUp Command does not hang anymore if the desired position is not reachable.
  • GUI: The Device Editor is now resizeable
  • Aborting saving the Acknowledge List to file no longer leads to a Nil exception

Version 3.7 (July 2013)

  • Switched to GPLv3
  • removed demo mode
  • removed License key modules
  • remove software key modules

Version 3.6.4

  • Timeline works again (with 2012r2.1 compiled)

Version 3.6.3

  • If command produces “Timeout” then the “Timeout” string is in IOResult
  • Status message if ini file is written or read
  • devMan:GetGlobalVar and SetGlobalVar for device driver

Version 3.6.2

  • Resize some GUI for better fitting
  • change Toggle Button in Playlist “Stop All Cuesets before playing a new” to checkbox
  • Stop Task now also stops all sub tasks (call as function)
  • Change TIniFile to make inis more robust
  • Ini file is not written at exit
  • New Menu Configure→Save Window Positions saves the current window positions (and write ini file)

Version 3.6.1

  • Chasemode in Timeline works better

Version 3.5.7

  • Change: Channel Editor lets now delete a channel that is physically not present

Version 3.5.4

  • New Function: Send and receive UDP broadcast commands

Version 3.5.3

  • Webserver compatibility improved for Android Browser
  • Bugfix: On some systems a context menu call could cause a crash
  • Bugfix: Sometimes a task did not stop clearly
  • Bugfix: A mask error could crash the system in some rare cases

Version 3.5.2

  • New Function: Tools Menu with calculator from and into hexadecimal, decimal, binary and ASCI
  • Update: The channel editor now opens a splash screen to show the progress of scanning serial ports.
  • Bugfix: To delete a row in a timestrip, click in the first column which is representing the timecode, and select Edit → Cut

Version 3.5

  • New: Timestrip programming:Cues are inserted into a time strip and synchronized to an external Timecode. Attached devices can be set to a chase mode and being synchronized to the Timecode if they support this feature.
  • New: Flash support for then integrated web server.
  • New: Keyboard events can control tasks now. Use Keyboard Events to control V-Control with a RF or IR Remote control.
  • Linux: Wait for Timecode now shows correct remaining time
  • Playlist Update: You can assign Function keys to a playlist item
  • New Basic Script Command ChangeCMD_Code(CommandName, ParameterName, DefaultValue) to change a commands parameter during runtime

Version 3.0.5

  • Windows Bugfix: Delete Task and Cut Task could raise an exception.
  • New Toolbar icons

Version 3.0.4

  • Device Editor: Fixed a bug that hides events if no commands present
  • Configure Devices dialog now ask to save a changed list if not already done
  • Playlist: The Textsize of the Playlist is now adjustable via Configure → Options dialog.
  • New Command ShellExecuteAsFunction: This command launches scripts, documents or programs (i.e. backup script) on the PC and returns when finished
  • New Command ShellExecuteAsThread: This command launches scripts, documents or programs on the PC and returns immediately
  • Event List: Now shows all event parameter
  • Events: New event management enables devices to fire events.
  • Via Configure → Otions there is a Autostart Task option available. The task selected here will launch at startup
  • Bugfix: New created device fire events only after saving an re opening the project. This is fixed now.
  • New Basic command: StrToHex converts a string to hex numbers
  • New Basic command: HexToStr converts a hex numbers to a string
  • New Basic command: CheckSum8Bit calculates the 8 bit checksum of a string
  • The column widths of the event list are restored next time the program executes
  • Calendar Bugfix: The calendar now works with all date formats (24.12.2008, 24/12/2008 oder 12/24/2008)
  • New Toolbar

Version 3.0.3

  • TCP Remote service integrated. The service is used to communicate with other V-Control systems (nodes) or third party systems.
  • UDP Remote service integrated. The service is used to communicate with other V-Control systems (nodes) or third party systems.
  • RS232 service integrated. The service is used to communicate with other V-Control systems (nodes) or third party systems.
  • Webserver integrated (HTTP)
  • Mac OS X: Bug im TCP Client fixed
  • Windows: List of available commports is now sorted correct
  • Bug in UDP Client fixed

Version 3.0.2

  • Playlist: Changed Checkbox “Stop All Before Playing…” to Bevel Button
  • Device Editor: When selecting the “Empty Device”, the GUI of the Device Editor is build without error now
  • Device Editor: When selecting a Command, the Command Script is now shown correct in every case
  • Device Editor: When compiling a new Driver, the Device is now automaticly updated
  • General: Ask to save a changed Project on exit
  • Device Manager: New script command ChangeCMD_MinMax allows to change the MinMax Value of a command from script
  • Device Manager: Added Delay Command in Drivers
  • Cue List: if DP1 or P4 is used, the Cuelist commands didn't work. This is fixed now.
  • Eventlist: Selecting “Edit Event” now works for Timer and Calendar events as well as for Device events
  • Timer Events are now editable by double clicking in the Timer Editor

Version 3.0.1

  • Playlist: No out of Bound Exception if trying to edit a key or comment in an empty row
  • Added ShowMessage Command for Cliplists
  • The context menu of the Script editor now supports GetGlobalVar, SetGlobalVar, ShowMessage and PromptMessage
  • When loading a Project, we check if the Project File format matches the current version. Project files from earlier versions will not open.
  • Updated Insert Menu in Main Menu. Now all Insert Items are available in this menu and in the context menu of the cuelist and the Script editor
  • Added SMTP Mail Client to let the system send mails in case of an event or status message
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