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Calendar Events

The integrated calendar allows to generate events and run tasks at a defined date / time. Recurring daily or weekly events are also possible. To create a new calendar event use the main menu Events → Calendar or the context menu of the event list.

The following example creates an event called “WakeUp”, occurring on August/17/2007 at 7:00 AM. It is assigned to the task “WeekDayStart”. This task could e.g. turn the radio and lights on, power the heating up and, with a delay of - lets say 20 minutes, switch on the coffee machine.

The first thing to do is to select the desired date and create the event. To do so, follow the instructions in the screenshot above. In the calendars month view, every day that has one or more events is printed bold. After closing the calendar, it is necessary to assign a task to the new event. This is shown in the screenshot below. Click right on the event and select Assign Task.

In the Tasklist select the “WeekDayStart” task (or whatever)

Now the task will be executed at August/17/2007. One may want to launch the task not only once. To launch the task - e.g. the next four weeks - only on work days (Mo - Fr) a recurring event is needed. To carry out this, start the calendar again (main menu Events → Calendar ) and follow the instructions below.

After selecting the event (see above) and push Repeat, the repeat window opens. Now select Week(s) and mark all work days (see below).

After pushing the Add button, the “WakeUp” event occurs from August/17/2007 to September/13/2007 and the task “WeekDayStart” is launched at 07:00 AM during this period.

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