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V-Control Documentation

This is the V-Control Documentation WIKI. By default, visitors have only read access. If you want to contribute to the documentation, whether writing new articles, tutorials or translations, please contact me

What are Devices, Channels and Tasks

In V-Control, the most important objects are devices, channels and tasks.


A device is a peace of software representing one ore more physically present devices. A device translates a command such as “Play” to a command that is understood by the device the command is send to. If you have a device in V-Control matching a real device attached to V-Control, you don't have to know the command string you have to send to the device to perform an action. Just select “Play” - or what command ever, and the device will do the translation for you.


A channel is a physically present communication interface such as RS232, TCP, UDP etc. The channel is the object that is used to talk to the device attached to the V-Control PC. A Device in V-Control doesn't care what kind of channel is used. You can send the same command via RS232 or TCP, it depends only which channel is selected as target for a command.


Tasks are a group of commands. The simplest type of task is a cuelist. A task should be only a part of the whole show. You can compare tasks with functions, methods or subs in other programing languages. A task is always running in its own thread, the only exception is if a task is called from another task as function.


A cuelist contains one command after each other an is processed from top to bottom. Cuelists only know a limited number of branch commands such as “Repeat”, “CallAsFunction” or “CallAsThread”.


A script also contain commands, but compared to cuelists they are more complex. A script is written in Basic and has all advantages of an object oriented programing language. You can do complex branching conditions such as if..then..else, read values from a device and store them in a variable for later processing etc.

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